Interstellar Review

Content Advisory: 1 F-word, several S-words, and a few other swear words unfortunately. Slight violence, a fight scene and a space station blows up with a man inside, not too bad for violence.


Title: Interstellar

Date Released: 7 November, 2014

Date watched: 1/12/19

Length: 2h 49min

Content Rating: PG-13

Mankind was born on Earth.
It was never meant to die here.

In an alternate world during the Dust Bowl, ex-piolet Cooper and his crew journey to a worm-hole near Saturn to save mankind from extinction. They reach a solar system with three possibly habitable planets. Cooper is made to lead the crew and find the best habitable planet repopulate and save humanity.

First off, this is one of my top 5 favorite movies of all time. My favorite kinds of movies usually come off two branches- ones that are action-packed, or are mind-blowingly clever. This movie is at the top of the second branch.

Relativity and the Fifth Dimension

Ever since I was very young I have been very interested in astronomy, later I became interested in black holes, quantum information, and relativity. Although I know 90% of what I learned related to these subjects is theoretical, I do know that God created the universe with a system and it is very fun to explore the ideas people have on the subject. Anyway, Interstellar is an astronomy movie that is extremely accurate with many of today’s theories. The writer goes into remarkably complex detail to describe relativity and the theory of the fifth dimension.


Time is a big factor in this movie. Yes, the plot has a lot to do with time as it revolves around a black hole. But, the length of this movie as very long and you definitely notice it. If they had made it 30-45 minutes shorter this would be a 10 on everyone’s list. That is my biggest problem with the movie but, as this is in my top 5 favorite movies I still give it a 10 :). There is an excessive amount of long, quiet scenes where nothing happens and all you see is a space station floating around in space. This is definitely a flaw in this movie for many people, but not enough for me to bring it down from a 10.

Visually Stunning

I am not an artist myself but, this movie was very beautifully made. It looks extremely realistic, the detail is very precise, the amount of hours the video editors must have spent is massive. I have no complaints here and for anyone who loves to stargaze or loves God’s craftsmanship in the universe will love this movie.

Action and Humor

This movie has quite a bit of action… at times. It is long but, it does have many action scenes. There are escape scenes, fight scenes, but most scenes are just very intense. My favorite scene is the one on planet Miller, it is covered in water and… well, I’ll just say it’s fairly close to the black hole (think time and gravity). It does have some humor and jokes which are pretty funny, but that was definitely not a major importance to the director.

Miller Planet

Hans Zimmer

One thing that brings this movie so high in my ranking is the soundtracks, they are so well done and very intense. His soundtracks help to intensify scenes and keep you in suspense through the movie.

Very good movie, I would recommend for everyone with an exception for those who get bored through a long movie. It was very well made, makes you think deep about the universe and the nature of God’s creation.

My Rating: 10 – Masterpiece


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