Sargent York Review

Content Advisory: There are a few frightening and intense scenes in this, but almost no gore.




Date watched: 2/4/19

Directed by:  Howard Hawks

Starring: Gary CooperWalter BrennanJoan Leslie 

Date Released:1941

Genre: Biography, DramaHistory 

Content Rating: PG-13

Plot Summary: After a marksman is unwillingly drafted into the war, he saves the life of co-untless people and comes home a war hero. Starting out as a troublesome young man who had nothing to do with the church or his family but after an accident, he came to know Christ and was able to have the girl of his dreams.

My personal take: The movie was, for the most part, accurate, but There were a few factual errors in Sargent York, When York is receiving an award, they call it the congressional medal of honor when it was actually called Medal of Honor. Also, York had a mustache throughout the war and kept it through the rest of his life. Sargent York was a fun and heartwarming movie that I would recommend to anyone who likes old war movies.

Would I recommend this? For those who like old war movies, I would certainly recommend it.

My rating out of ten: 5 stars – Mediocre


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