Inherit the Wind Movie Review

Content Advisory: There are a few swear words.




Date watched: 2/6/19

Directed by:  Stanley Kramer

Starring:  Spencer TracyFredric MarchGene Kelly 

Date Released:1960

Genre: Biography, DramaHistory

Content Rating: PG

Plot Summary: Loosely based on a real-life case in 1925, two lawyers
William Jennings Bryan, and Clarence Darrow, argue the case for, and against, a science teacher accused teaching evolution.

My personal take: This movie wasn’t great, it makes fun of a great lawyer and adds characters and events that didn’t happen. they did a few things that would make the teacher seem more relatable and loveable. There was no Rachel or Reverend Brown, although there may have been people like them during that time they were not actual people. There are many other factual errors, and they all are strategically created to make those who want the Butler Act upheld to look bad. Scopes also was never put in jail and never took the witness stand, in fact, the people of Dayton liked him.

The person of Bryan was greatly exaggerated and falsified, The trial record says that Bryan handled himself well when put in the witness seat, he stuck to facts, defined terms carefully, and never claimed that he was a Bible expert. Bryan was not mothered by his wife, instead, he took care of her because she was an invalid. Also, Bryan never claimed that the world was created in 4004 B.C. at 9 a.m. Bryan was even okay if they taught “The theory of evolution” as long as it was taught as a theory. 

During one of the outdoor sessions of the Scopes trial.

Would I recommend this? Not really, I am glad that I have seen it though because I was able to look into it and find all about the case to show those who have seen it all the faults. It isn’t historically accurate, it’s a little slow and seems very anti-Christian. If you are interested in learning more about the famous Scopes case, I would recommend watching a different adaptation.

My rating out of ten: 4 stars – Bad

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