Cinderella Man Review

Content Advisory: There are quite few swear words and lots of violence (it is a boxing movie after all).


Date watched: 3/27/19

Directed by: Ron Howard

Starring: Russell CroweRenée ZellwegerCraig Bierko, Paul Giamatti

Date Released:2005

Genre: Biography, Drama, Sport

Content Rating: PG-13

Plot Summary: Based on the real life story of James J. Braddock, a boxer during the great depression that was given a second chance to become a champion and inspiration in the 1930s.

My personal take: Before I talk about the story let me just mention that the cinematography was excellent, the camera angles were neat and unique and the occasional x-rays were very cool. IMDB even says,” The cinematographer invented a ‘tire-cam’ which is a camera cushioned inside a tire and behind Plexiglas. This allowed the professional boxers to hit the tire to create realistic reactions from a first-person point-of-view.”(IMDB, Cinderella Man) The acting was on point for even the child actors, Paul Giamatti is a household favorite and you can never go wrong with Russell Crowe. I also loved that they included so much history in it. They had James Braddock’s grand-daughter in it as a neighbor, they included the star of David on Baer’s shorts like he always had.

They obviously tried to stay as accurate as possible even basing the docks scenes on photographs taken at the time but they took a lot of liberty with the character of Max Baer. In reality Baer only was only the cause of one mans death. After he killed him, he stayed at his side till the medics got there then visited he and his family at the hospital telling his wife how sorry he was till he was pronounced dead a day later. The other, died a few weeks after their fight to reasons unrelated. Max Baer Jr. says that his father was always haunted by the fact he killed someone in the ring.

The story was great though. It was interesting, exciting, and fun. The movie did a great job portraying the Great Depression and definitely put a lot of time and work into it. The actors obviously put their all into it with Russell Crowe even suffering from multiple concussions, breaks, and even cracked teeth. The director did a wonderful job, the cinematographer, as I said, was amazing, and the sets were spectacular. Over all, a great movie.

Would I recommend this? Yes! Though long, it was a great movie. It was very emotion filled whether that was sadness, happiness, or nervousness, and it was very well done.

My rating out of ten: 8-Stars Great

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